DUI and Criminal Defense

The Mendez Law Group offers quality ethical representation to clients facing criminal charges. Whether it is a misdemeanor charge in municipal or district court or felony charges in federal or state court, the Mendez Law Group is there for you. The Mendez Law Group, PLLC has an emphasis in DUI representation. Attorney Damian Mendez has represented hundreds of clients in criminal cases. His experience and care is evidenced by his client’s testimonials.

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Personal Injury

If you have been injured you need to make sure that you receive just compensation. The Mendez Law Group works to see that justice is served and that you receive appropriate compensation when you have been injured.

In injury cases the Mendez Law group, PLLC is on the contingency fee system. This means that you don’t pay any legal fees unless you receive a financial settlement. In that case, our charges come out of your settlement. You don’t need to pay out of pocket to receive the representation you need in a personal injury (accident) case.

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Wage Claims

Washington State law offers very strong protections for workers. Under Washington State law an employer must pay at least the state minimum wage and also pay at least time and a half for every hour worked over 40 during a workweek. Employers who willfully fail to pay employees as required by law can be liable for double the amount that they owed the employe and the attorney fees incurred by an employee in a suit to collect his or her wages.

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